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A New Start

Posted on: June 6, 2009

So yea, I’ve got nothing much to do at home nowadays, so decided to start up something for me to spend time on. It’s the holidays and i think most people are in the holiday mood already, despite the holiday lessons that are even worse than the normal school days. Recently, My Buds and I went on a outing… To where you say? The ZOO!


Well, i’m obviously not going to upload all the photos i have since it’s too much of a hassle, so i’m just gonna upload some highlights of the day. Well, of course what we did in the zoo was see animals, and Dijon just casually asked me “What do you wanna see 1st” and i replied “I wanna see the Bey Hor! (White Tiger)”. So yea, things progressed and luck was on my side cause we got to meet the white tiger 1st : )


Surprisingly, the Zoo’s not a bad place to be. There’s alot of things to learn and many things surprises us all. The Zoo has changed since the last time i went there (which was like… in pri school) and below, is two animals which we get to see it during it’s feeding time.


The Jaguar (above) and the Polar Bear (Below). Ain’t the jaguar cute! It’s a lucky shot but oh well, it’s a great shot nonetheless. FYI, and i bet very little people out there knows, the polar bear’s fur is actually transparent and it has black skin! The fur looks white because of light reflecting off it and when it drops fur, you can see its black skin!ST830971

Well, There were lots to see and we met up with quite a lot of disappointments. One of it was the Butterfly walk, which our Jie Ying was so afraid of going lols! It has no butterfly in it at all! Just flowers for the butterflies to land on. Another one was the price!!! The drinks there costs $3 and the mineral water costs $2. Whats worse, theres no water cooler at all! If anyone reading this ever decides to go to the Zoo, you have been warned! Bring your own bottles!!

To end my experience talk here, below’s a group photo of the gang!ST830857


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Should have sacrificed you to the polar bear =(

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