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As the name suggests, today me, fat, gab, tony, black, junsheng, jk, jie ying and dijon went out to watch de movie transformers today, but before that, Me, Fat, Gab, Tony and Jie Ying met at 8.30am this morning to go swim and tan, and catch some flowers :). Read the rest of this entry »


Met up with the usual NPCC gang yesterday to go to sentosa. As usual, having people to come on time is as difficult as asking pigs to fly. Went to lot 1 at 12 and when i reached there, i found out that the meeting time has been pushed to 1 cause Kenneth and Jx has lessons. Luckily Grace and Cherlynn was there early cause Grace wanted to buy some clothes. Slacked at Food Culture until 2 before we finally set out.


Sentosa Card!

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Today is Jian Xiong’s Bday, but celebrations started yesterday. Didn’t went home at all so did not post, but me, Cherlynn, Grace, Kenneth & Jian Xiong came out to celebrate his birthday yesterday. Decided to go to Seoul Garden, but i wasted 1 hour waiting for everyone to come (arrived at 6 and waited till 7). After that was pure buffet, and for me, Beef Time!! I spent most of the time clearing up Seoul Garden’s beef slices and joked and ate all the way until 10.


At Seoul Garden!

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Like the title suggests, there’s really nothing interesting going on nowadays. It’s always the same thing; wake up, school, basketball/swimming, sleep. The same cycle just keeps going on and i’ve recently been dreading to go home since all i’m doing at home is either stare at the computer or play some mofunzone games. Well, i’ve decided to take up more sports and in december, i’m learning wind surfing! Thats something to look forward to. Other than that, there’s nothing much going on in my life. How i wish our life is like those in the RPGs where there’s always something to do everyday and something out of the ordinary happens just like that…

I guess that’s reality… At least my Al Azif Nendoroid has arrived and i’m collecting it this sunday. Will post photos of it when its collected :).

So yea, I’ve got nothing much to do at home nowadays, so decided to start up something for me to spend time on. It’s the holidays and i think most people are in the holiday mood already, despite the holiday lessons that are even worse than the normal school days. Recently, My Buds and I went on a outing… To where you say? The ZOO!

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