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Ahh… my old wordpress blog. Seems like it hasn’t been deleted 🙂 so i have plans to revive it sooner or later. My MST is finally over, even though i only have 2 written papers, but i don’t feel at all relieved cuz ideas is killing me even more than my concept based modules. I have projects week after week, and even tho its finally the holidays, i have to go back on mon next week and almost everyday the week after the next until i get my “racing car” done :(. Its so much of a hassle..

On the bright side, I HAVE SLIMMED 0.7 KG! Rawr… i are now 97.4 instead of 98.1. One week of basketballing FTW~ i feel like i could slim down, but then i don’t think that we’ll always basketball that madly. Oh well, SNSD’s 1st photobook in Tokyo coming in next week, i feel so happy 🙂


Phew, finally… The 1st week of school has finally ended. With the ‘O’s coming, it’s so freaking busy. Tests tests test, study study study. The A.Maths test i so feared is finally over! Well, to my surprise, it isn’t that hard. But still, it made me woke up early just to study again =.=. Ms Vanessa is also chionging Chemistry now, and everything is so rushed up… But, at least she’s worrying over it. Looking at Chee Wee, it makes me wonder whether he gives a shit or not.

08escape_boredom2Yea lols… it has resumed! It’s now back to schooling and laying lifeless at home. At least it’s not so bad since Maple Story has kept me entertained… still, playing with those bunch that just started isn’t much fun at all. Where’s the fun when you just play and tries to win everyone? I mean… getting high lvl doesn’t do you much good does it? Ppl rarely talk on the buddy chat liaos. Maybe i’ll jump world and join Edwin, and maybe i won’t feel so sianed.


As the name suggests, today me, fat, gab, tony, black, junsheng, jk, jie ying and dijon went out to watch de movie transformers today, but before that, Me, Fat, Gab, Tony and Jie Ying met at 8.30am this morning to go swim and tan, and catch some flowers :). Read the rest of this entry »

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