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Testing, testing one-two-three

Posted on: June 9, 2010

Ahh… my old wordpress blog. Seems like it hasn’t been deleted 🙂 so i have plans to revive it sooner or later. My MST is finally over, even though i only have 2 written papers, but i don’t feel at all relieved cuz ideas is killing me even more than my concept based modules. I have projects week after week, and even tho its finally the holidays, i have to go back on mon next week and almost everyday the week after the next until i get my “racing car” done :(. Its so much of a hassle..

On the bright side, I HAVE SLIMMED 0.7 KG! Rawr… i are now 97.4 instead of 98.1. One week of basketballing FTW~ i feel like i could slim down, but then i don’t think that we’ll always basketball that madly. Oh well, SNSD’s 1st photobook in Tokyo coming in next week, i feel so happy 🙂


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