Everyday's Boredom


Posted on: June 25, 2009


As the name suggests, today me, fat, gab, tony, black, junsheng, jk, jie ying and dijon went out to watch de movie transformers today, but before that, Me, Fat, Gab, Tony and Jie Ying met at 8.30am this morning to go swim and tan, and catch some flowers :). Went to Jurong East Swimming Complex and apparently swam and laid down in the sun. The pool’s great when it’s silent, and in the morning, there’s not really a lot of people swimming. Time flew by while we were admiring flowers and when Gab doesn’t look as white anymore, it was already 12 plus. After that, we took the mrt to Jurong Point to collect our movie tickets (Credits to me) and went to Burger King and ate. As mentioned earlier, Dijon came, but he weren’t invited so sadly he had to get the 1st row because we didn’t book his tickets.

Well, apparently to most of the guys the movie weren’t that good. However i feel that it is a much nicer movie that is adapted from a cartoon (boo to Dragon Ball). Megan Fox was totally hot and all the action scenes were awesome! Although there were a few scenes that were not needed at all and is a little wasted, it is still a nice movie, nicer than those i have watched this year.


Ze Omnipotent Midarezaki Kyouka and her minis!



On another note, my figurine has arrived!! Rather than saying it, i might as well show it to you!
With this, i have finally completed 2 slots of my Detolf cabinet!
School’s starting next week, and i haven’t done my homework. Somehow i feel that i’m being a big loser by not preparing for exams even though O-lvls are like… a few months away. I can’t find the motivation to study and i think that i’m really falling behind. Hopefully i can come to a realisation when i go back to school, and hope for the best…


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