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Posted on: June 16, 2009

Met up with the usual NPCC gang yesterday to go to sentosa. As usual, having people to come on time is as difficult as asking pigs to fly. Went to lot 1 at 12 and when i reached there, i found out that the meeting time has been pushed to 1 cause Kenneth and Jx has lessons. Luckily Grace and Cherlynn was there early cause Grace wanted to buy some clothes. Slacked at Food Culture until 2 before we finally set out.


Sentosa Card!

Took the bus to sentosa and my god! So many people on a monday! Actually we decided to go to Palawan Beach but there’s too many people there, so we changed to the last beach there is, Tanjong Beach. Apparently that place isn’t very popular so there isn’t much people there. But somehow, there’s a alot of people having wedding photos taken there for some reason. The weather was a little dark and windy but theres no rain at all, so we just swam and chatted and slacked for the whole day.


In The Sea!

By the time we finished swimming, the sky was almost dark, and most of us were shagged. We then decided to go for dinner at Bukit Batok. Apparently by Kenneth, there’s a place called Botak Jones which serves nice food, so we went there and to my surprise, it’s just a hawker centre. But the food served was truly good and in American-sized servings with reasonable price. So we just ate there all the way until 10 plus and then took the bus home.

And so it concludes the whole day out with the gang and i enjoyed the day. There’s a never end of lame jokes coming out of Jx’s mouth and although it pisses the girls off, it makes me and kenneth laugh lols =.=. To end this, we took a group photo as we were exiting Sentosa.


Last group photo.

On another note, i finally deboxed my nendos today! I got them on sunday but was too tired and busy to debox them.




Al azif from Demonbane.


Kureha from Shining Wind.

Well, that’s all from me. I’ll post again when there’s something happening, or when i have totally nothing to do. See ya.


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