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Happy Birthday Jian Xiong!

Posted on: June 14, 2009

Today is Jian Xiong’s Bday, but celebrations started yesterday. Didn’t went home at all so did not post, but me, Cherlynn, Grace, Kenneth & Jian Xiong came out to celebrate his birthday yesterday. Decided to go to Seoul Garden, but i wasted 1 hour waiting for everyone to come (arrived at 6 and waited till 7). After that was pure buffet, and for me, Beef Time!! I spent most of the time clearing up Seoul Garden’s beef slices and joked and ate all the way until 10.


At Seoul Garden!


A Little of Everything...

After eating,  well… The next thing to do is of course mess up the pot. In the picture, although it’s not very clear, the soup contains things such as watermelons, coke, mountain dew, muffins, and many other things. Not a nice sight, but we just threw w/e we could. When we left Seoul Garden, Cherlynn and I went to Kenneth’s hse to ton. We stayed up the night playing Hotel 626 and Monopoly. One game could actually last us 4-5 hrs as we played through the night, although when nearing the end, we found out that we had played it all wrong XD.


Playing Monopoly.

Caught some sleep at like 5 in the morning until 8, and then i went home to join my family for swimming. However, Jian Xiong said that he did not want to stay at home during his bdae, so once again, we decided to go out. Took the bus which, by Jx’s clever idea, should end up at West Coast. However, apparently we forgot never to trust Jx and ended up at the wrong stop, and took a taxi to West Coast in the end. We took a stroll all the way along west coast and then sat on one of those gabions to chat and took some photos.


Don't mind kenneth...


Jx's trying to be dumb



Although there were girls present, we stayed on the gabion for a few hours with our topics revolving around sex =.=. We chatted about many many things and how Singaporeans are too anal(sensitive) bout these kind of things. Well, the ppl in NPCC can talk about many different things as we know each other better, so just spent hrs chatting and when our butt finally hurts from sitting on the rocks, we headed down to the playground located near there.

The 1st thing we wanted to do was to climp the very huge pyramid, but when we reached it, there was a beehive there and no one actually dared to climb up too high. So once again, we just slacked and found a spot to sit down, and chatted somemore. Amazing how we always have things to chat with, whether lame, ridiculous, or just plain life.


At the playground!

By the time we finished, the sky was getting dar, and cherlynn had to go home soon. So we went to the Macdonald’s and ate and then took the bus home. Tomorrow, i’m still going out with them =.=. We’ll be going out to Sentosa to play. The day after next, i’ll be gg swimming with jieying.

We love the holidays!


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